My FULL Withdrawal of Funds From Bank of Montreal – Run on Canadian Banks JUSTIFIED

by | April 9, 2022

My full withdrawal is an absolute run on a Canadian bank.

video: Make a Canadian Bank Run Immediately Before They Steal Your Life’s Savings

MY Letter to the Bank of Montreal regarding my withdrawal of ALL MY FUNDS from their bank.
To let you know, I have withdrawn all of my money from Canadian institutions.

1) in early 2020 BMO would not let me transfer $2,200 or so into my account. I was denied, and to the best of my knowledge my account was frozen at that time.
I never got paid that money. I was very upset. Your bank interfered with my ability to conduct my business and get paid for my efforts.
2) My full withdrawal is an absolute run on a Canadian bank. Yes, I did need MY money to pay bills, but Turdeau (appropriate spelling) and your Communist government believe that our money is theirs and they can freeze it the moment people disagree with them.
I do not trust your bank, nor the Canadian government. My withdrawal of my funds is a direct outcome of these two events.
I simply will never do business in Canada again.
This deposit, and many others that I am certain have been seeping out of the banks, are a direct reflection of the idiots in power of your nation that kneel while black lives matter burns cities to the ground, but condemn, vilify, and steal the resources from people that dare say, “hey now, ey. I think mandating under major threat that we all take a vaccine that is proven not to prevent transmission, well, maybe you know, ey, no thanks.”

Just added data for you. I simply will never trust a Canadian bank with my money again. This is a bank run and I have encouraged all I know to get their money out of Canaduh before it is too late.

Does expressing such sentiments expose me to legal action when i next re-enter the People’s Republic of Canaduh? Will they fine me the money I withdrew and 10k more as a penalty for disagreeing your “kind” PM?


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