After Uvalde, A Former Lefty’s Thoughts on Gun Control + 2nd Amendment

by | May 31, 2022

When actually faced with the realities of making a living and protecting yourself, I found myself discarding my childish utopian visions of the world. 

video: After Uvalde, A Former Lefty’s Thoughts on Gun Control + 2nd Amendment

Growing up on the left hand side of the spectrum, I had no idea why people would actually need a gun. Wouldn’t the world be a lot more peaceful, with far fewer deaths, if we just abolished all firearms. Wouldn’t that be paradise?
The question I’m going to answer, after the Uvalde massacre, have my opinion on gun rights changed?

When actually faced with the realities of making a living and protecting yourself, I found myself discarding my childish utopian visions of the world. 
My attitude towards guns shifted into neutral. I understood the argument for the 2nd Amendment, but I still dreamed of a world where guns would be unnecessary.
Fast forward to the BLM/Antifa riots, and now Uvalde, my opinion of firearms has flipped 180 degrees. 

Some countries want only their police to be armed.
Now, imagine we had such an arrangement in America during the recent events. Tasked with protecting the public, the police stood down and let the criminals go to town, or rather destroy it.  

The Democrats even went so far as requesting donations to bail out evil doers who were actually arrested in Minnesota during the George Floyd riots, thank you very much Kamala Harris for pushing that. 

The blue city “leaders,” for their own selfish political gain, allowed businesses to be torched and looted; innocent citizens were attacked with impunity, and 30 something lives were lost during the riots, like former police captain David Dorn, killed by a BLM thug. 

Innocent citizens who dared to protect themselves when violently attacked, like Jake Gardener of Nebraska, who was being choked to beaten, after his thug assailant was destroying his family business, finally used his fire arm to protect himself, killing the perp, and the DA, after stating it was a clear case of self defense, succumbed to woke pressure and charged him with murder, whereupon Jake ended his own life. 

Or the McCloskeys of St. Louis, attacked viciously by the state for defending their property for brandishing rifles, in front of a riotous crowd to let them know they could potentially lose their lives if they tried to burn down or destroy their house.

The politicians instructed police forces to stand down, and the law abiding citizens took it on the chin.

Then you have Uvalde, where the police, sworn to protect and serve, were instructed to stand down by the chief, while a man who actually fired bullets at them, stormed an elementary school and murdered children and teachers.
While this was transpiring, listening to kids scream as their lives were taken, parents who attempted to defy police orders not to enter the school to save their own children, were actually handcuffed and tased. 

And in part, because the police are systematically being vilified, denigrated, called bastards, told their lives don’t matter, even if those cops are black, having their life torn apart to make split second decisions that didn’t end well, maybe one can understand why not one of those cowardly cops dared to defy orders and risk their own lives for the children being brutally murdered.
The government has absolutely lost my trust. Stick with me, I’ll revisit that point momentarily.

But first, compare the two events to an incident the same day as Uvalde in West Virginia, when a hoodlum with a rap sheet a mile long, opened fire on an apartment complex, and a female mama bear took him out with her own fire arm before he managed to kill. Even if you have cops that want to protect you, they’re always several minutes away, which would have been more than enough time for multiple people to lose their lives.
And yet, the left wants us reliant on police forces they control in the major cities, to protect us against predators. Isn’t part of the American ethos self reliance? 

And let’s take a look at two western countries which have beefed up gun control laws.

Canadian laws have gotten way stricter under Turdeau. When protests against his vindictive and punitive mandates, for a vaccine that is proving not to live up to the hype, were entirely peaceful, he labelled them racists and misogynists, froze their bank accounts, and tried to steal the funds meant for them. 

Meanwhile the cuck knelt for BLM, and basically ignored the burning down of Catholic Churches in his country by Antifa. 

You want me to continue to trust that government as they tune into Maoist authoritarian radio frequencies.
In fact, just today Turdeau announced a bill to freeze all new handgun ownership. Yes, that lying, woke, China loving SOB, asks you trust him with your family’s safety. 

Australians gave up their guns … (Jeffries clip) … and the place was heralded as a progressive wonderland. Earlier this year, citizens were being thrown into quarantine camps for merely being suspected of interacting with someone who might have been Covid positive, regardless of whether they test positive or not. 

I’m not going with you, and my AK agrees. 

And from reading the Gulag Archipelago, the lengthy book written in three volumes by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, about the gulags where Russians were sent, forced labor camps, where millions perished, the adventure always began the same way. A late night knock on the door by the police, and no way to fight back because, well, all guns had been taken away. 

You know who else took the guns? Hitler. Was he a good guy, I forget. Did he kill people or something?
Mao, killed even more believe it or not.
Cambodia, you better believe the public was disarmed as nearly 30% of the entire nation was brutally murdered in the Killing Fields and elsewhere. 

I’ve been there. I have picked bone fragments off the ground. I have seen the skulls piled high. It’s truly horrifying when you come face to face with the dystopian results of the powerful exercising totalitarian control against the defenseless.

So you want me to give up my ability to protect myself. My ability to change the calculus of a criminal who might desire to steal from me, attack my family, or invade my house. Just the thought that I might have a gun and that he potentially faces a bullet being fired at him might make him reconsider.
The Russian, Australian, and Cambodian police would be a lot more circumspect about invading a house if they thought there was a potential for them to be shot as well. 

And, I mean this, the American government has shown the proclivity to side with one faction of the culture war, as I mentioned earlier. They locked people in their homes, tried to impose vaccine mandates, are tilting what was once a relatively fair judiciary against one side of the aisle … 

And you want me to agree that we should make it even easier for you to exercise totalitarian control, in the land of the free, the home of the brave, America.
Recent events have only cemented my opinion that the second amendment is necessary to insure freedom against a state that could turn tyrannical, and while I pray that I’ll never have to use my gun, I will keep it as an insurance policy.


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