Woke is the Opposite of Enlightened — Just Look at the Results

by | September 16, 2022

As MSNBC’s and University luxury beliefs are implemented, and quickly implode, those espousing them are inoculated from the consequences as they retreat to safety behind their guarded gates,

video: Woke is the Opposite of Enlightened — Just Look at the Results

The leftists, the woke, believe that their vision of the country, for the entire globe, is enlightened and worldly; in stark contrast to the small town, narrow minded, “uneducated” conservatives, who they might casually refer to as “bigots,” and white trash welfare recipients; as they casually sip a $6 Starbucks frappe, subsidized by the taxpayer who recently has been forced to pay off their student loans. 

“If only these poor saps could understand the broader world, like we do.”
As usual, they’ve completely inverted reality, and I’m going to explain how. 

I’m speaking to you as someone who has lived in 7 countries and travelled to 60, and I’m not talking about stepping foot in the Louvre and bragging you’ve been to France … congratulations you’re a world traveler.
I’m talking deserts of Syria right before everything blew up, literally and figuratively, getting kicked out of Russia and crossing the Mongolian border on foot, sleeping in the Amazon jungle, and listening to many tales of Soviet Communism from people who grew up inside the system, from within the dilapidated homes of their childhood.
It’s this broader vision of how people live, attained through often arduous and life threatening adventures that make me one of the anti-woke, and here is my perspective.

To steel-man, “woke” used to mean to become aware of the plight and difficulties of others and trying to bring this to the world’s consciousness. Behind it was an intention to make the world a better place. Fantastic. Who wouldn’t support that?

But it quickly became unhinged; devolving into finding wrongs and outrage under every rock, in every nook and cranny, all the while preening, peacocking amongst each other, to demonstrate whose colored feathers of social justice were brighter.
Wokism has become a cult, a religion that attracts useful idiots as its foot soldiers, whose sense of identity, ethics, and logical thinking are malleable, and so long as they nod to and parrot the approved talking points of its leaders, are awarded with feelings of meaning and belonging,.
The self anointed ones, believe their vision of the world the only moral lens with which to see it; and they disincentive questioning the religious dogma with aggression and violence.
To quote rapper Tom MacDonald, they preach tolerance and peace and tell me to be “less white” but if I disagree then it’s time to fight.

And it is from their ivory towers in the New York Times, from the Universities, that they look down upon the yokels who farm their food, fix their cars, and build their houses.
“Tsk tsk. If only they were educated and were able to read Fuko, those MAGA lovers would cease their racism, and wouldn’t try to lynch amazing black person Jussie Smollett.”

Now, why is it that few people that work with their hands are woke? Why it’s harder for the mind virus to invade mathematics and physical sciences? Or even hardcore, risk taking travelers like me?
Because what they create has to function. You cannot theorize about gravity identifying as pixie dust when building; that load bearing beam better be put exactly in the right spot, and attached and reinforced properly, or people die.
If you are an engineer putting satellites into orbit, and you debate whether 2+2=5 … your launch is guaranteed to blow-up.
When I’m off-roading in the middle of the Sahara desert 50 miles from the nearest tiny town, and get a flat, I find a way to jack the car up in the sand, remove the tire, and attach the spare or I die. It’s a binary option.
There are immediate and severe consequences engaging in bankrupt thinking. Your mechanic, your engineer, your adventure traveler, not only doesn’t have time to listen to your gender theories, but training and knowledge of how things actually work, inoculates us from idiotic woke nonsense. 

But let’s examine the outcome of recent woke thinking and actions and how it has effected the planet. 

Woke is Greta Thunberg, and the leaders of Europe obediently heeding her demands to enact the European Green New Deal, and shutting off nuclear energy in Germany. The adults, the supposedly clear thinking “leaders” of the world bending the knee to the ravings of an autistic 16 year old. (How dare you- Greta)

The results, Europe is undergoing a major energy shock, as Russia leverages their stupidity by cutting off natural gas supplies, to achieve the outcome of taking Ukraine. And odds are Russia doesn’t stop there if the Europeans cave. Hello Baltic States or nuclear war. But as AOC says, it’s more important to be morally right, than factually. 

Woke is listening to a self proclaimed Marxist organization cloaking themselves in victimhood, who have stated they wanted to “disrupt the nuclear family,” and demand you “Defund the Police,” or you’re a bigot.
Now watch inner city crime rates and murders amongst inner city blacks skyrocket, while BLM steals the funds donated to them by the unthinking, obedient, guilt ridden wokies.

Woke is claiming that men can get pregnant and applauding them for being so brave and beating up women in sports, and then shifting these self anointed gals to women’ prisons and wondering how the biological female inmates become, shall we say, forcibly impregnated. 

Woke is telling us that silence is violence, but speech, yeah that’s violence too. Speech that counters what they’re coercing you to say, or silence in supporting BLM’s attempt to defund the police. Toe the party line comrade!

What happens to the idiots that support these actions? Penalties, scorn? They barely exist, and with few personal negative ramifications for being wrong wrong wrong, they are allowed to transport this mind virus to the body of the next idiotic cause that will destroy the lives of others.
Because woke precepts are based on thinking with no grounding in reality, they can only be born in a vacuum of consequences. In other words the University system, which is insulated by guaranteed student government loans, and tax payer money funding departments like women’s studies, who state on their own websites their goal is to create “activists.”
Not quite the same goals of the physics department, ey?
Do you think these woke beliefs could take over in Yemen, Syria, the Congo, or the mountains of Vietnam, where people have real problems to worry about? You think they have the time or patience for these luxury beliefs?
That the world would be a better place if only the starving rice harvester in the Laotian mountains could be educated about the importance of protecting black trans sex workers?

I’ve met these people, broke bread with them, and Americans have zero problems in comparison, much less all those University students peacocking their bright colors of “oppression.”
That is why this mind virus rises from the cloud like bubble of academia, from useless intellectuals who think having an IQ of 115, entitles them to dictate how the rest of us must live.
It’s why it takes root first in the host of America, the wealthiest and richest country on the planet, where peoples’ day to day lives are predictable, secure, and safe.
When you have no real immediate concerns, most peoples’ minds are searching for a problem to solve. It’s ingrained in our DNA, always scanning the horizon for a predator or enemy.
As MSNBC’s and University luxury beliefs are implemented, and quickly implode, those espousing them are inoculated from the consequences as they retreat to safety behind their guarded gates, protected by in their small little bubble. 

When you elect Soros DA’s who release violent criminals out of prison in the name of equity, and refuse to charge criminals with crimes, you don’t bear the costs when they promptly destroy an innocent persons life.
When you call riots that burned down cities, killed people, and destroyed small businesses mostly peaceful, you get to shrug it off and go home, but not the people whose lives have been destroyed. 

The woke religion is the opposite of enlightened. It is narrow minded, one level thinking that doesn’t even take into account the secondary effects of its ideas, and is willing to sacrifice anyone at the alter of their religion, if they deem the morally “right” thing to do.

So, this is America, and you can believe in whatever it is you want, so back to your ivory towers and discuss amongst yourselves, how unenlightened everyone else is, just stop trying to spread your dysfunctional, bankrupt ideas so you can play Stalin and his henchmen, and destroy the productive members of society, who fix your house, build your satellites, or drill your heating oil.
Or maybe, you want to go cold this winter like Europe.


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