How is the Partisan, Lying Media NOT the Enemy of the People?

by | September 21, 2022

The effects; ONE- completely fracturing the American public based on their sources of information, which coincides with the profit motive, keeping the hypnotized returning into their website’s partisan orbit

Look, it’s no secret that the media is completely partisan. 

From failing to cover the damage done on 5/29 when rioters attacked and attempted to set fire to a guard post at the white house, injured many law enforcement officers, attempted to burn down a historic church, and forced the Secret Service, to bring President Trump to a secure area.  Have you heard about it? NO, of course not. Also, 100 days of rioting were mostly peaceful protests, right? 

Just look at the coverage of Kyle Rittenhouse, who they say crossed state lines with a rifle, had no business in Kenosha, and how he killed peaceful black protestors at a BLM rally in Kenosha Wisconsin, when in fact there were riots, oh and one of his parents lived in town, and it was 20 minutes away from his other residence, he went there to administer first aid and clean up graffiti, was given the gun when he got there, and he was attacked by a child molester, and subsequently by others attempting to kill him, and all the media lies told, denigrating him, lying about him.
A policeman in Virginia I believe, lost his job, because people found out that he donated to Kyle’s legal defense fund, in direct violation of his first amendment rights. It was continuous coverage for over a year, demonizing a teenager who defended himself from becoming another antifa/BLM death statistic, from the violent leftists, who would be released from prison with no bail. 

Compare that to Darrell Brooks, who used his SUV to run over small children and elderly women participating in a parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. 

When they discussed it in the news, on CNN, on MSNBC for the little bit of time that they did, they made it seem like it was the car which committed the crime, the car by randomly rerouting itself through the parade. Have you heard the name Darrell Brooks since then? This was your first refresher in a long time. 

Now imagine if Darrell Brooks had been a white Republican, instead of a BLM supporting, black Democrat, the breathless coverage that it would have received. We’d still be hearing about it, non-stop, evil Republicans, a threat to our democracy, the unimagined able violence, the hate in their hearts.

Compare that to the media coverage around the capitol riot, and the Congressional inquiry, and the lies told, like Officer Brian Sicknick died of blunt trauma from being hit over the head with a fire extinguisher, when in fact, he died of a stroke. The New York Times maintained the reporting for almost a month, before eventually silently correcting, where as other local media outlets nailed the story correctly the following day of his death.
“All the news that’s fit to print;” to think, I used to unquestionably trust the old grey lady.

Even with the correction, and the knowledge of the what ac tally took place, it was included as evidence against Donald Trump in a second impeachment, as well as being mentioned inJoe Biden’s latest fascistic address to the nation where he denigrated MAGA as a threat to the democracy. I’ll come back this later. 

Very recently, you had a Las Vegas politician who murdered and investigative reporter, massive evidence found in his home, and the police basically have him dead to rights. The minimal amount of coverage start received in the media, failed to mention that it was a Democrat politician who committed the heinous act. Just mysteriously absent from all media coverage.

Would it have been the same if was a republican politician who committed the murder? Don’t you think Biden would have included this fact in his utterly toxic speech? 

Now you have in North Dakota, an 18 year old, run over by a crazed leftist Democrat, who specifically stated that the reason he ran him down intentionally with his SUV, was because he believed the teen to be an “extremist republican.” 

And where is the coverage in the NY Times, on, 

It’s completely absent, or at least I was unable to locate it despite perusing each of the webpages for several minutes. Even a search, at, for the term North Dakota, yielded no result.
Look, Number one let’s get one thing straight, these are no longer news services, these are partisan activist organizations, making a dollar from the increasingly narrow slice of the pie that represents American media, who are catering to the whims of one group, in these cases, partisan leftist Democrats by presenting a narrative they want to hear. 

They continued to espouse the manufactured lies about Trump; Russia Gate, drinking bleach hoax, fine people on both sides, BS partisan narratives, and reframing of stories that don’t suit their ideological needs, like blaming the automobile for having the audacity to drive itself through the parade; and the mostly peaceful BLM protests.

The effects; ONE- completely fracturing the American public based on their sources of information, which coincides with the profit motive, keeping the hypnotized returning into their website’s partisan orbit so they can continue feeding their emotionally charged outrage, and secondly, setting us on a path for civil war. 

If you want to continue to promote both sides with the idea that the other is evil, and a threat to our Republic, not a Democracy, a Republic, we will have escalating tensions, that lead to a murder based solely on political affiliation as we just saw yesterday in North Dakota, or that we saw in Portland last year when an Antifa member murdered in cold blood a Trump supporter.

And eventually, the right will react, and believe me, MSNBC, and the leftist rags will howl about it nonstop, and unlike the teen in North Dakota murdered by a leftist Democrat, likely as a function of the stochastic terrorism on full display in Biden’s Fascist speech, believe me, you’ll hear about it, leading to further polarization. 

So tell me again, as Donald Trump said, how is the media … not the enemy of the people?


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