Should America BAN TikTok? First Amendment Advocate Says … YES ??

by | November 25, 2023

And now I am left in a quandary, because some are arguing that our strict adherence to the principles of the First Amendment are being levered by US adversaries to destroy and unwind our country. 

videoShould America BAN TikTok? First Amendment Advocate Says … YES ??

The first amendment is the greatest right ever recognized by a government, if only because it offers us a bridge to our differences, which we should be free to express, politely or impolitely, as the alternative— violence, bloodshed, and war. 

And all these pro-Hamas rallies, (Hitler knew how to deal with them) I think it’s a benefit for society to understand how hateful and vile some people are, so that we can address the problem (taking down American flag), rather than allowing the poison to fester and silently spread.
At least this gives you a way to gauge where you are as a society, and maybe deal with it, though at this point I doubt the resolve of the West, because most politicos are more worried of being declared “racist” by the NY Times or The Guardian, for stating that the values and goals of Islamists, are antithetical to the liberal values that safeguard the rights of humanity, originally birthed in England in the signing of the Magna Carta, and expanded dramatically by the US Constitution. 

The Democrats attempt to erode our free speech, as is plainly demonstrated in the Twitter Files, which is but one of numerous references I can point to, was a big reason I left the party. It’s the line I stated they dare not cross. 

And now I am left in a quandary, because some are arguing that our strict adherence to the principles of the First Amendment are being levered by US adversaries to destroy and unwind our country. 

The destruction of the minds of young people and those on the left is evident; everything from being unable to define what a woman is (Katanji) to cheering for the murders, the beheadings of Israeli babies at the hands of Hamas, a terrorist organization (girl are your people dead)

Now, an attack, using hijacked airplanes that killed 3,000 Americans, that turned the world upside down, an act of pure evil is being defended by these leftists as “justified.” 

This is a stage 4 brain cancer brought on by the ever metastasizing woke mind virus that is burning our society down.
The same mindset that had leftists cheering the destruction of cities in 2020, that favor criminals arrested for violence being released without conditions, but not caring one iota about the deaths of innocent when twenty minutes later the criminals commit more heinous acts, that demand enhanced penalties for one side of the political aisle, like a prison sentence in 2016 for Douglas Mackey exercising his first amendment right to mock Hillary Clinton constituents by encouraging them to vote by text, while allowing the same satire encouraging Trump supporters to do the same, both of which are 100% protected by the first amendment, or 22 years in prison for Enrique Tario who wasn’t even at the capitol riot, while having numerous Democrat prosecutors petitioning a judge for leniency for a BLM rioters / lawyers who threw a fire bomb into a police car, and the cheering of the woke when they get 1 year for such an action.  

Now, most people do not know this, but a defecting KGB agent by the name of Yuri Bezmonov explained the Soviet plan of subverting America and thus being able to win without firing a shot, which is the goal outlined long long ago by Sun Tzu in the art of war, as illustrated by the following quote.
“To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

Before I dive into how the Chinese are using the penetration of their TikTok app to achieve this aim, let me briefly summarize generational plan to subvert American values which Bezmonov outlined. 

It was focused on gradual erosion of public trust in institutions and the spread of disinformation to undermine American society from within.

Stage 1: Demoralization

The first stage of the plan aimed to demoralize the American populace by systematically creating social unrest and economic instability. This involved promoting social divisions, encouraging distrust of government and authority figures, and exacerbating existing societal issues. The goal was to sow seeds of doubt and disillusionment, making the population more susceptible to the subsequent stages of the plan.

Stage 2: Destabilization

The second stage focused on destabilizing American society by exploiting existing tensions and encouraging further conflict. This involved supporting extremist groups, like BLM which China actively funded, and fomenting unrest among various social and political factions, and inciting violence and chaos. 

The aim was to create an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear, further weakening the foundations of American society.

Stage 3: Crisis

The third stage sought to create a crisis situation that would force the United States to make drastic decisions. This could involve economic collapse, natural disasters, or even foreign military intervention. The goal was to exploit the crisis to undermine American confidence and push the country towards a more authoritarian and centralized system of governance.

Stage 4: Normalization

The final stage aimed to normalize the new, Communist-aligned system of governance. This involved suppressing dissent, controlling the media, and rewriting history to justify the changes. Oh boy, are we seeing that, with destruction of statues of our founders, to the 1619 project, aiming to change history to the foundation of America being slavery, and the country beginning in the afoerementioned year rather than 1776.
The goal was to establish a new social order that would be more susceptible to Soviet influence and control.

The insidious nature of ideological subversion is manifesting today. China merely took the Soviet strategy and is doing all they can to destroy America, with the help of course of George Soros.
That includes funding Antifa + BLM, releasing Covid 19 virus around the world, at minimum allowing it to spread from Wuhan as they shut down domestic air travel while allowing International from the destination, to supplying drug cartels in Mexico with the precursors of fentanyl resulted in the 70,601 overdose deaths reported in 2021, really call them murders, to the poisoning of the minds of American youth with the TikTok algorithm. 

And I come back to free speech. Should any American be prevented from ing their thoughts in the US of A? I say no, other than what is already prohibited by law, incitement to violence, child porn, intentional slander.  But What about an entity like a corporation?
What about a foreign adversary with the aim of destroying America, with their curated form of speech. 

In China, what TikTok feeds the youth advances the nation’s values and prosperity. Rather than brining you division, TikTok advocates mathematics, engineering, family, and pro-Chinese sentiments.
In America the TikTok algorithm favors the confusion of American youth sexually, promoting the transgender agenda, police brutality, the favoring of the Pro-Hamas narrative, and today, amplifying the idea that Osama Bin Laden might’ve been a decent dude, and America was responsible for the murderous attacks which took down the World Trade towers, and murdered 3,000 people. 

TikTok is clearly a weapon meant to subvert American values as strategized by Sun Tzu, as Bezmonov outlined. Banning TikTok is not suppressing an individual American of having their voices heard, it preventing the intentional poisoning of American minds. 

And it goes against my instinct to violently lash out at anyone trying to weaken free speech in our country, but China doesn’t play by our rules, and as there is no counter weight to TikTok, as China allows exactly zero American made social media apps in its country, it is asymmetric warfare.
Therefore, it is my belief, that a ban of TikTok is necessary. It won’t happen, because leftist politicians know that it moves the youth vote towards them, and almost all politicians are short sighted, and only care about being re-elected rather than what is best for America as a country.

And as long as TikTok continues to be broadcast throughout America, the drumbeat of ideological subversion continues, and the lack of kinetic energy being expended makes the warfare all the more pernicious. 

It’s time to prevent TikTok from confusing and destroying American minds. I call for a ban of TikTok because it is clearly a weapon, as demonstrated by the vastly different algorithmic feed China gives its own citizens.
I call for the ban of TikTok because it is war, and I am being pragmatic. It would be much harder for me to call for this if this was American entity, but it’s not. And frankly, I don’t want the voices of those who think Bin Laden was justified in his murder of 3,000 Americans and the following wars amplified. 



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