Ukraine to FREEZE Bank Accounts if you Refuse to be Dropped in Russian Meat Grinder: Solution?

by | February 20, 2024

So say you don’t want to ripped apart by Russian weaponry, or kiss the feet of Comrade Turdo in order to have access the crystalized energy of your past production?

Ukraine is passing a bill that would freeze the bank accounts of those in the country that are reticent to being transported via military vehicles to the front lines, with the goal of participating in a full frontal attack the on Russian meat grinder. 

Freeze … your funds … yes, that which you thought was yours, that you worked your whole life for, the crystalized economic energy that you produced, FROZEN, by the state, if you do not comply with sacrificing yourself for “the greater good” … which is the narrative provided by the same elites. 

And it’s not like Ukraine is the first with this plan. 

Remember that in Canada, under Justin Trudeau, they squelched the Freedom Convoy protests, those dastardly truckers peacefully protesting vaccine mandates, by freezing their bank accounts, their credit cards, for having the audacity daring to make their voice heard countering the edicts made by Castro Jr. 

Not only the truckers though, having the “poor judgement” according to the authoritarian party in power, and supporting the wrong cause by donating a few dollars, and your accounts were frozen in ice in the middle of a Canadian winter as well. 

Go against the state, and what you believed was solidly YOURS, you would discover to be a mirage of owenership.
And it becomes easier and easier for the state to enact their draconian measures, as technology centralizes power and ability to control assets. Suddenly, as exhibited in Ukraine, and the Communist countries of China and Canada, the state has massive leverage and ability to control you with the push of a button. 

And in Canada, at least the government had to request/ demand/ threaten the banks to freeze the truckers accounts. ScotiaBank has since apologized for their actions … 

(Canuck accent) A little late there ey? 

But with the CBDC that the authoritarians want to introduce, we are in even bigger trouble. Why you might ask, we already use mostly digital money? How would it be any different?

Because the CBDC will remove the one layer of friction I mentioned moments ago; rather than asking/demanding the banks freeze you out, they merely decide and press the little red financial button. Do as I say, or I will press it. When I say you’re canon fodder, I mean it. 

So say you don’t want to ripped apart by Russian weaponry, or kiss the feet of Comrade Turdo in order to have access the crystalized energy of your past production? I mean, isn’t AI going to centralize power in the state anyways, which will descend upon our liberties like a death star, and blow them to smithereens if we don’t comply with their every edict. Is not the idea of liberty, in reality, illusory? 

So what is the answer? Is there a counter to this despotism, to those who demanded we take a non-working vaccine for a mostly non-lethal disease, that they, in all likelihood, created. Who out there doubts that the Democrat elites in America would have frozen your bank account if they had the ability under the emergency measures they enacted, for the emergency they created. They know best after all , they are our superiors, the elites. 

Well, I have some good news for you. There is a way out that solves, at least this problem, if not many others. That is embracing the decentralized network of wealth preservation, that cannot be controlled by anyone. The peer to peer payment system that is immutable, uncensorable, and unconfiscatible. 

That network is of course, bitcoin.
If each Canadian trucker owned his keys to his store of wealth, to his bitcoin, Turdo could call them racists til the cows, that, while they fly in their private jets, they want to slaughter en masse so their methane farts stop global warming, came home, and yell at the banks to do something, and his antagonistic cries would fall as harmlessly as powder snow on a Christmas morning, because you’re toasty inside roasting marshmallows, in your own bank. 

With bitcoin, you control your money, as you would have in the past if you had gold coins squirreled away. except that btc is much much much more difficult to seize, and you can teleport it to another destination in a matter of minutes.
That doesn’t mean if you have your coins on a centralized exchange that they could not confiscate or freeze them in mass; they could, but not again if you have them tucked into a weightless safe, protected by cryptography, at a cost approaching zero. 

Bitcoin and decentralized currency is the greatest counter measure, and perhaps the only one we currently have, to the growing centralizing power of the ruling cabal using AI as their means of control and enforcement.
Canada and their dear leader showed, in what was previously thought of as a free country, their yearning desire and ability to coerce its citizens. It was an amazing advertisement for the real world utility of of bitcoin. 

Today, Ukraine is following in Canada’s footsteps, ready to sacrifice their citizens on the battle field, using the leverage of no other options, of wealth confiscated, so they set foot into the meat grinder. 

And this strategy of control will be utilized by other countries, by the ruling cabal of elites who continue to storm the ship of mankind’s liberties, and should you resist they’ll throw you overboard to Davey Jones locker, or out into the cold Canadian winter. 

But again, there is a life boat that might be the one escape from their totalitarian control. That lifeboat my friends is bitcoin, and its my belief that it is absolutely necessary that you first research it, and then aboard, so that Turdo and Zelensky can sacrifice themselves rather than you and your children. Me personally, that’s a trade I would enjoy seeing. 


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