Criticize MRNA technology in France, 45,000 Euro Fine + Three years in Prison as Pfizer and Moderna Sip Champagne

by | February 26, 2024

Now, many people had doubts about the new MRNA technology, and it was public discourse regarding this “therapy” that educated people on the various risks and experiences that came with getting it, and this was in spite Big Pharma and their allies of uni-party/ Democrats/ Fauci associates smearing anyone who cast the slightest doubt their way, whether it be of the effectiveness, alternative treatments, or even the origin of Covid. 

Imagine being fined a years pay, and being imprisoned for 3 years, if you dared criticize or publicly doubt the effectiveness of a medication.

Seems like you’d traveling back in time to 1984, or is it merely a bit forward? … Time travel is complicated.

Well 1984 is taking place today, in of all places FRANCE, which recently passed a law where any criticism of mRNA technology, is punishable with up to 3 years imprisonment and a 45,000 euro fine.
Now, I am going to spend a minute reminding you of how the powers dealt with Covid, and then return to the law France just passed, and what likely spurred the powers that be into passing it.

Remember, those who dared to question “the science,” trademarked by Tony Fauci, (insert clip)  how the media instantly demonized such doubters, how they were thrown out of so called “polite society,” while the blob who promised you that Pfizer’s therapeutic would prevent you from catching or transmitting Covid (Biden clip,) even after they knew it was failing, continued to coerce you, via mandates, fines, and the threat of your economic well being and basic freedoms, to get injected.

Soon after, the science, literally had to change the definition of “vaccine,” with the help of the woke dictionary, to technically keep referring to it as such.

Well, how many people do you know, who might have gotten a one or two doses of this “vaccine” in quotes, who are now refusing to get any of the boosters? What is it, a 2% uptake last time I checked, reserved for the most indoctrinated, the bluest of the blue bloods right,

Also, out of curiosity, how many people do you know personally who have suffered negative side effects from the jab?
I know a bundle personally.

Now, many people had doubts about the new MRNA technology, and it was public discourse regarding this “therapy” that educated people on the various risks and experiences that came with getting it, and this was in spite Big Pharma and their allies of uni-party/ Democrats/ Fauci associates smearing anyone who cast the slightest doubt their way, whether it be of the effectiveness, alternative treatments, or even the origin of Covid.

Remember all those “conspiracy theorists,” like Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton stating it likely came from a laboratory. Gotta label them as such publicly to stymie dissent.

Or the Great Barrington declaration, that predicted there would be immense societal costs to locking down, and better to protect those most at risk, and let the rest of us make our own decisions. Rather than listen, or entertain the notion, the powers that be came out guns blazing, with Fauci and Collins writing a public letter denouncing and denigrating them as “fringe epidemiologists.”

We’re talking Sunetra Gupta: Professor of theoretical epidemiology at the University of Oxford. Jay Bhattacharya: Professor of medicine at Stanford University. Martin Kulldorff: Professor of medicine at Harvard University.

And of course their message was thwarted on social media, all of them.
Jay Bhattacharya described what Elon Musk showed him regarding the marks, notes, and limitations put on his personal Twitter account.

Social media went out of their way to censor or shadowban any dissent that countered the narrative that might add ructions to their drive every single citizen on the planet to get injected.

In California, the state passed law AB 2098 which would call doctors in front of a panel, and potentially take away their medical license, that which took them a lifetime to attain, for merely offering medical information to their patients that deviated from the approved narrative offered by the state medical board.

And think what happened to the poor people that came out with vaccine injuries and were called liars and accusing them of wishing harm on others by casting shade on the vaccine narrative, right when they were at a low point of their life.

The censorship, the villianization of those who attempted to offer a different perspective was a concerted effort to prevent discussion, stymie speech, with the goal of narrowing the avenues that might away from injection.

And who in the end was right? The science descending on us from the exalted ones on high with the slick production value of the corporate media, or the shrill voices of those valiantly pushing back against it?

So having done a quick jog down Covid memory lane, let’s try to understand the context of this new draconian measure passed by France’s Ministry of Truth, and why, and who might have lobbied for it.

Question number one, who paid for this un-needed medicine? YOU DID, but not directly, oh no, Biden told you it was “free,” but you paid, via your taxes and the printed Covid money that debases your savings and raises the prices of everything you buy.

And your money is administered by politicians, that aside of a few, like the great Thomas Massie or Rand Paul, have zero interest in preserving it, but rather the incentive to control not whether it is spent, but to do so in what will reap for them greater political power and favors, in some cases, direct kickbacks.
You have this giant central honeypot, that attract giant corporations and CEO’s who want bigger bonuses, battling over it like pigs at a trough, spending lavishly on lobbyists to reserve their place at the front of the line.

And now think about Pfizer and Moderna. These two companies got the US government to spend over $30 billion on COVID-19 vaccines so far, and that doesn’t include what was spent at the state level, nor does it account for future purchases of the vaccine.

Their research, paid for by the taxpayer, the clinical trials, on us, then the government marketed it for them for free, and pointed a proverbial gun at what were formerly free citizens to get injected, taking away their freedom of movement, their livelihoods, and framing those who resisted as hateful killers of grandma.

Dare talk about an alternative possible treatment, well, the media would attack. And why wouldn’t they, big pharma accounts for 70% of TV advertising revenue, so of course they’ll demonize ivermectin, and make Joe Rogan’s face look puke green for refusing the vaccine and telling people he used alternative treatments.
The media companies and pharma, are feeding from the same trough. Your tax dollars. That delicious spread is getting spread out amongst the dishonest rent seeking piggies. Truth is a distant thought when they are gorging themselves.

Pfizer and Moderna merely shared some of the juice they squeezed out of us with corporate media, a combined effort to control the narrative.

But now, you see, these fat hogs ran into a little challenge. Despite the censorship, the coercion, the lies, the propaganda, somehow there is a growing consensus that these so called vaccines did more harm than good, and that the risk reward ratio is awful.

Pfizer was counting on this to be a giant cash cow, and the new boosters have a 2% uptake rate, as reflected with Pfizer stock dropping over 55% from its highs, at a time when thanks to money printing, the market is at all time highs.


“We’ve got a bit of a problem here, no one wants our shitty product.”
“Well now, why do you think that is.”
“Because people like Bret Weinstein, Joe Rogan are discussing alternatives. Because the plebs have openly stated that they suffered myocarditis. Because people died suddenly.”
“Just get CNN to call them liars, and censor everyone else.”
“Problem: Twitter’s under new management.”
“So lobby the government to take away their medical licenses or fire them if they criticize us,  like we had Gavin Newsom in California do. Throw a few billion their way.”

“I would but the Yanks have the fucking first amendment.”

So, what do you do? You’re Pfizer. Some semblance of freedom still exists in America. You have to set the precedent and start the process in more fertile lands.

Lobby Europe, where free speech only exists if you’re a Muslim extremist calling for the destruction of a people and state.

Do you really believe that a prison sentence and massive fine for criticizing the Covid vaccine has anything to do with anything but control and setting the narrative, which, is much easier when you have zero public dissent.

Whip a few hides and the average person with a deviating thought, will keep it to themselves, essentially with threatening the survival of your family.

And the pharma companies can go on gorging themselves, as governments around the world force the use of their product. Effectiveness and safety, remember “safe and effective” promised are, in reality, about as important to them as the long term health of the slaves who built the pyramids of Giza for the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

It is not only utterly Orwellian, but fascistic, defined as the merger of corporation and state. The state taxes you for the money, Pfizer, Moderna, and a host of other companies gorge on it, and use the gained economic power to pass laws, like the one in France, that insures they will be protecting those revenue streams and what is essentially theft of your hard work, long into the future.

Frances’ draconian law is blasphemy for free speech and human rights in general. It sets the precedent that you dare not question the elite, those fattening themselves from your economic energy. Safe and effective, that’s the motto, who cares if it is the truth, as long as the revenues continue to flow into our coffers. But if free speech intervenes with that flow,  well we have enough leverage in politics to shut that down, whether truth is on our side or not.
And once you extend such authoritarian decrees to “the science,” wait until they can destroy you for criticizing a war you disagree with. They will just keeping pushing the limits of their power, until your freedom has been squashed, as if you lived in Communist China or Canada.

The nature of human beings is to want what is best for ourselves, and when you incentivize humanity with a growing, centralized pot of honey, augmented tremendously with newly printed money because of so called “emergencies,” the politicking and outcomes and are not only likely, but an absolute guarantee. And the more we fund the state, that giant pot of tax payer money, the more incentivized are the fascistic impulses of the corporations become to seize it, and to bite the hand, and thus the freedoms, of anyone who dare get in the way.

Thus they pass this Orwellian law in France, in the name of the public good, of course.


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