Want Extra Cash? AirBnb your place, or Just a Room

by | November 8, 2017 | 0 comments

Letting an asset lie fallow is a waste. Add extra dollars to your nest egg by AirBnB’ing your place out. Here’s why-

People who are successful are normally incredibly efficient. Not only with their time, but with their resources as well. if you are looking to make extra cash, why let your place, or a room, or even a spare couch if you want, lie vacant when you can utilize them to fatten your pockets?

So you have a space, and you’re leaving for a two week vacation somewhere, or on business. Put it up on AirBnb, set your price, whatever it’s worth for your trouble, and the day after your guest checks in, you get a nice addition to your bank account.
I have been a host for years, never had any real problem, and it’s helped me pay the mortgage/ rent. You can choose who you want to have stay with you, read their reviews ahead of time.

How much can you make?

Depends on your location and what you’re offering. But the main thing is, at least for me, space that isn’t being utilized won’t lie fallow. The money will flow into your bank account, and now you have more to invest at an earlier stage, that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

It’s very simple, it will take you a few hours to set-up, and presto, you’re building/repairing your nest egg.

So, go ahead and sign-up and make some extra dough for a sunny day.


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