My #WalkAway Story- Why I left the Intolerant, Anti-Free Speech Democratic Party

by | November 23, 2019 | 0 comments

There are plenty of reasons to leave the Democratic party, but free speech and intolerance and … read on for mine.

I was a life-long Democrat. I came from a left leaning family. I was indoctrinated into thinking taxes were for the greater good, and that the rich “don’t pay their fair share.”
99% of the hole punches I made were for Democrats, save Arnold Shwarzenegger for the governorship of California.
In college, I believed that government was fair and could solve most of our problems.

When Bush Jr. won the first time, I was shocked, even if Al Gore was stiffer than an oak tree.
When Obama emerged victorious in 2008, I was super excited. I thought it meant our country had moved beyond the racism of the past. A black President was the holy grail for black people and the Anti-Racists, the game was over, with a maybe a few KKK members to mop up.
Instead, I noticed a surge in people accusing others of racism- Me included. Here are the items I was accused of which I was accused of racism overt he last few years—

  • I once stated publicly that two parent families are superior to single parent families in terms of the expected outcomes for the children. This was of course, Highly racist, I was informed.
  • I’ve stated that America offers freedom of choice of action, and that if you work diligently and intelligently, you can overcome virtually any obstacle. This statement, I was informed, came from my “white privilege” and thus, was racist.
  • I once commented on inner-city violence, and was scolded and warned never to do so again, with a “How dare you? Only black people can speak about such things and the direction of their communities.” This too, was racist. … On my part? 

And worse, these people set out to exact their pound of flesh. Mutual Facebook friends were messaged and told to unfriend me immediately, leaving me to spend a half hour of my time explaining my side when questioned. What side? Having a thoughtful logical opinion?

Economically, cracks started to appear. I had a good year financially, and wrote a largish check to the governments, both Federal and State. Meanwhile some of my friends, paid 10% of what I did, and guilted me that I didn’t more.
It’s like going out for dinner, eating equally, and they throw down $5 of the $50 check, and look up at me, like “pay the difference.” One can argue, you make more you should pay more, but don’t continually wave your fist angrily and yell at me “for not paying my “fair share.”

Then I started realizing what, exactly, my hard earned tax dollars were going to. Sex reassignments for murderers, subsidies to rent seeking operations, employing diversity and equity consultants at public Universities, whose functions consist of making life hell for everyone and bloating the bureaucracy, while taking in 6 figures of tax payer funded money a year for their efforts.

Governmental waste and inefficiency is monumental. Go to your local DMV and you see the long lines, the uncaring government employees, the frustration every single person in the building tries to stifle down.
Then I listen to Democrats CONTINUALLY yelling about the need to expand the reaches of government.
The private sector is a million times more efficient. Contrast the DMV to the Apple Store. Now, do you really want to open more DMV operations?

Now, don’t get me wrong. Some government is needed, and certain rules and regulations do benefit society. Laws protecting against negative externalities, such as a factory which might pour its chemical waste into a river because it is cheaper for them, but harms the natural habitat and everyone who lives downstream.
But the amount of red tape and extra expense that exists when it comes to building something, or starting a business is a detriment to innovation and jobs. Yet, somehow the left continues for more burdensome regulations.

The truth is, I still consider myself liberal in many ways. I’m pretty environmental, I love beautiful unspoiled areas, I believe in science, meaning climate change is likely, but 68 genders is flying over the cuckoo’s nest. I’m okay with gay marriage, but you don’t have the right to force someone to decorate a cake if they don’t wish to, for any reason, unless they are legally your slave.

I’m very begrudgingly Pro-Choice, albeit with some limits. I think that some taxes are needed to pay for military, roads, education, national parks, but fiscal restraint is a must. That goes for the Republican budget too.

But when I say I consider myself liberal, I am referring to its original meaning, as being in favor of liberties of the individual. It’s a live and let live attitude and that is just the opposite of what has gripped the Democratic party of today. When I was growing up, the Republicans were the moral authoritarians, and somehow, that role has shifted to the left.

I’m tired of being told what I can and cannot do, what I should think. I believe in personal responsibility, and politicians like Elizabeth Warren try to instill victimhood into the population, and blame corporations, or anyone else. It’s the most disempowering message imaginable. I pray that a problem I have is my fault, because then I can fix it!

And when, when it costs $600,000 in tax payer money in security to allow Ben Shapiro to speak at UC Berkeley, and the protesters shout “Nazi scum!” as the Orthodox Jew passes them wearing a yam-aka; when the media demonizes the Covington boys and refuses to apologize for their horrific journalism and smearing of innocent people, while attempting to amplify Jussie Smollet’s message of his “This is MAGA country” staged attack and turn him into a hero; when Antifa attacks Andy Ngo, a gay Vietnamese journalist on the streets of Portland– it doesn’t endear to your cause.

But regardless of all I’ve listed here, the deal breaker for me: when the left tries to pass hate speech laws and slowly gut the first amendment, it’s jumping off the cliff of insanity. That amendment is written on the most sacred of parchment, and is the bedrock of our Democracy, to be protected with every ounce of strength we have.
Government should never control our speech. Our freedom to express ourselves is an inalienable right, and is the mechanism we use to settle our differences peacefully.
Freedom of speech and the right to bear arms were the first rights taken away by totalitarian regimes, the Nazis, to the Communists in Russia, China, and Cambodia, and I will not allow the fascist leftists to chip away at our rights to free speech. I will not allow them to erode this bedrock of our democracy. This is the hill I am willing to die on.

So long as your actions don’t truly harm others, my motto is “live and let live,” but you know who is firmly against that ethos, the left.
Until the Democrats denounce the murderous vengeful hateful Communists and Antifa types, much as the right is able to denounce and box in the white nationalists, until they stop sowing victimhood into the population at large, until they stop their attempts to undermining the first amendment, there is zero chance of me voting for them.
And lastly, for those of you on the left, you can debate my voice, but attempts to silence my voice or others like me only widens the divisions in the population. Express yourself. 


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