Are George Floyd Riots the Beginning of Civil War? ANTIFA + Evil Ideology are Severe Threats to our Republic

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Equality of opportunity is a must and the playing field should be leveled as much as possible, but how do you blame a business from not re-investing a neighborhood that was burned it to the ground.

Video: Are George Floyd Riots the Beginning of Civil War? Antifa hopes so. This video is super well done. What is written below is most of it, but the images are great. I hope you watch it and enjoy.

I would have proudly marched with you through the streets.
I would have gladly stood shoulder to shoulder with you and protest what was without a doubt negligence, brutality, and at best, third degree murder.
It was sickening and heart wrenching to watch the video. The entire nation was united in condemning George Floyd’s death.

And as I am out the door to go join the march, the protests turn to riots. 

History will take special note of this stitch in time. What we do today, will have ramifications for years to come. George Floyd has lit the growing pile of tinder under the wooden American flagpole.
Historical injustices inflamed and amplified by an educational system teaching grievance and victimhood, and a main stream media preaching racism and division. ”
Adding immense pressure to the situation were the lockdowns, still advocated for by some, that have cost people their jobs and businesses, long after the initial goal of flattening the curve had been achieved.
George Floyd’s death is the spark that sends this powder keg into literal flames, intentionally stoked by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, ideologically possessed by demons demanding destruction and anarchy. 

People bent on bringing about hell smash in the windows, loot, and burn down the businesses that took people years to create, build, and expand to be of service to the community.
These businesses, that provided jobs, income, and opportunity, all lost.
The areas, becoming un-investible, leading to further despair and poverty in neighborhoods already doing poorly. 

I have never owned gun, I have never wanted one. I desired to lock arms in protest with you, sadly, it appears the next arm I will be holding is one I can fire with. 

With the Minneapolis mayor telling the police to stand down from their post, enabling the rioters to tear apart the police station, apparently trying to cut the gas lines and blow it up entirely, how can  one trust the local officials to protect citizens when circumstances appear inconvenient? With his city burning to the ground, the ineffectual mayor reminds “protestors” to wear masks and social distance. 

The dereliction of duty is astounding. 

It is my duty to protect my family.
If I no longer have faith in my government, and criminals are looting and attacking random local businesses, burning down low-income housing in the hood, shouldn’t I be prepared in case they come after my house, my business, my family?

If they want to “kill whitey,” should I not be prepared?

Oh, but perhaps the President will send in the army. That might protect me. 

The fact that enmity runs so deep in a subset of our citizens, that we need military to re-establish some sense of precarious order, knowing that the next time some idiot screws up and behaves in an egregiously violent manner, that we’ll be on pins and needles expecting a repeat of military occupation. 

Welcome to the true police state, Perhaps it’s superior to the vision Antifa has, with roaming bands enforcing whatever version of the law they desire, but as someone who values liberty as much any  red-blooded American, military rule is not something I’d welcome. 

The beauty of America is our first amendment, our freedom of speech, allows us to settle our differences peacefully through polite conversation, sometimes squawking, or even yelling at one another, rather, than with a club. 

Sadly, communication and free public discourse is already waning, as leftists intentionally attempt to shut down any speech they find remotely “problematic.”
I personally have been told that being proud of my country and calling it the land of freedom and opportunity only demonstrates my “White privilege.” That stating two parent families yield superior result to single parent households makes me a racist, and survived a cancellation attempt on my life. 

They could make a Marvel Villain after me who stands up the leftists called, “The Uncancellable.”

On a positive note, the fact that we are able to care so much about another’s pride for his nation, only demonstrates that we’ve run out of the physical problems that preoccupied people until this very point of human history, such as providing enough calories to survive.

Those intentionally stoking these riots by breaking windows and walking away, or leaving stacks of bricks and other objects in the vicinity of where protestors will be with the intention of giving them at ammunition to riot, are perhaps the most culpable, as their actions are strategic and pre-planned. Likely Antifa and Marxists desiring bring a Constitutional Republic that has stood in the face of great adversity, for almost 250 years. 

It’s harder to withstand a subversive war from within, that like a cancer tries to eat you away. That is Antifa, that is what Black Lives Matter have become.
The question is what can the nation do to survive? In the long run, the University system and the Neo-Marxist teachings must lose public funding. We are literally supplying the money to pay for the indoctrination of young people into the oppressor/oppressed mentality.

The media chasing short term financial gain by sensationalizing stories and trying to hang onto an ever decreasing slice of the pie needs to end. It’s a free market, the first amendment protects their hateful utterances, but alas they are artificially kept afloat by YouTube which directs all views and searches to them, at the expense of the creators which built their platform.

The fact that CNN headquarters in Atlanta were defaced and windows smashed with all the hateful rhetoric they spew, is said by some to be a karmic retribution.
I don’t support the vandalism in the least, but for many, the irony is not lost.

Going forward, equality of opportunity is a must and the playing field should be leveled as much as possible, but how do you blame a business for not re-investing a neighborhood that was burned it to the ground, or condemn a man with noble intentions to open a charter school to provide a better education in an underserved community, when the doors open in a different district?
Everyone who participated in the riots should not only face a prison sentence, but more importantly, be forced to serve massive numbers of hours of Community Service, in the areas they destroyed. 

Who can unite us? Who can can mend this ever growing rift in society?
Would a man as great as Martin Luther King be able to to bring us back together today? I’m not sure. 

As religion goes out of style, what was once the unifying language of Christianity and religion as a whole, falls more and more on deaf ears. The pulpit from which King once gave his sermons lacks the respect and gravitas it once had, the idea of fighting with love, seen today as weakness.
A new religious narrative develops of anti-racism, social justice, and cultural Marxism. This is now the defining purpose of many lives.

The message of love and peace still holds true in the hearts and minds of many, but as the cancer of antifa and Neo-Marxism spreads not only in words, but the violent actions we see today, people become more preoccupied with immediate survival, and Love and acceptance of our fellow man drops down our list of guiding values.

My hope is that this senseless polarization and violence will cease, and we can remedy the broken bonds of our society, but those who’ve intentionally and with malice tried to sever them must dealt with, and their underlying ideology destroyed. 

My prayers to the family of George Floyd, and to those who have lost their businesses, their jobs, or their health; to the hateful rioters and mobs. 



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