You’ve Committed Hate Speech, the Ever Plummeting Free Speech Floor- Descent into HELL. Google Gulag

by | July 31, 2020

The floor of what constitutes “hate speech” keeps getting lowered, little by little, and it’s like cooking a frog in water that starts boiling oh so slowly.

video: You’ve Committed Hate Speech, the Ever Plummeting Free Speech Floor- Descent into HELL. Google Gulag

I’ve been detained and placed in the Gulag. I’ve committed a thought violation.
The Ministry of Truth has given me a warning, based on the most nebulous of charges.

Google has informed me that the video I made describing  Nick Cannon’s racist statements, constitute “hate speech.”
You used to have to reach a lofty elevation of disdain for your fellow man to be labelled “hate speech,” but the floor of what constitutes an ever increasingly punishable sin, is ever descending.

My video, about the double standard of racism where if you are of darker pigmentation, you can say virtually whatever you desire as a “protected class,” you want, and at best get the most tepid of pushback, and as in the case of Nick Cannon who had tons of support on social media, after stating something about something melanin white people and Something about savages. I’m going to be intentionally vague, in case the Ministry of truth that is google gets tipped off again.

I then asked what if the shoe was on the other foot and someone had said the same thing about Black people.


Question: Am I allowed to say Black people? Isn’t that a hate term yet?

Surely  the fact that I’m not black, should legally bar me from recognizing somebody as having darker skin.

You think I’m kidding, but that’s absolutely the direction that we’re going.


The problem, hate speech is ill defined. And as it nebulous it brings me to the idea that once you create that “hate speech” illegal speech slope, it is continually degraded and carved out by people who are ever intolerant, or those who just don’t want certain ideas expressed.
This is what makes me say, I’m pretty close to a free speech absolutist. The moment we start legally chiseling away at what is allowed and what isn’t, we will have the people we least want deciding what “tolerable” operating the excavator of hate speech.

When I appealed the decision, almost instantly I received a notification of rejection.

The fact that I was asking a question about how others would react if the shoe was on the other foot?

Do I not have to pose the question so people understand what of I speak.

The room for discourse is rapidly closing.

In order to discuss things, in order to come to a mutual agreed upon resolution, and one that lasts, we have to be able to be 100% clear with our views and what we mean.

The other option is merely to hold it in, and let our discordant thoughts fester within us. Repeat over and over again to ourselves that we’re being treated unfairly, and whisper to each other of similar mind in dark alleys.

Speaking in shadows will forever obscure the light of mutual understanding.

This is how the divisions in our society form.

This is why we absolutely have to defend our right to free speech with all the vigor, intensity, and strength that we can muster. Certain subjects have become off-limits to even discuss. In communicating with you, I have to tip-toe around what I said for fear of triggering Big Brother Google’s ire.

And do you think that the trend is going to get worse, or get better? Once liberties and freedoms are removed, they almost always go one way without a major pushback, and people are generally too scared to fight back as they are just trying to eek out a living day to day, and though they say they support you, they don’t want to risk their employment, alienating friends and neighbors.

Then we become like a frog put into warm water and having the temperature slowly turned up until we boil. Every day the radical left tries to claim new ground in their war against our freedoms and liberties, and big tech seems to be their willing accomplice.

Just look at Stefan Molaneuax, Dan Dicks, and all the other channels on YouTube, and Twitter accounts which have been deleted.

Over a decade of work put in to building the channels, answering comments, creating videos, purged without explanation. It’s theft, pure and simple. They built their businesses on your platform, and without explanation, Google upended them.

Centralized power gives rise to such abuses, monopoly status. And every day, they turn up the heat in the water just a little bit. Change their terms, so that your former videos which did not violate guidelines, will, giving them an excuse to crush you, without so much of an explanation.

Do you know what it’s like to live in China? Where no one dares say anything bad publicly about the state? You don’t get slowly boiled there, you get disappeared.

The same thing was true under Stalin, under Lenin, Pol Pot, and under Hitler. We are the frog who is slowly boiling, and the leftists spilling our red blood into the ever warming water, will use it to cover the new American flag they so want to desecrate.

The time to speak out against this is now, while we still have a chance to escape with our republic and freedoms in tact, where we can rebuild stronger.


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