Justin Turdeau Rails Against “Those People” Putting Canadians Risk (Them)

by | September 7, 2021

Rather than uniting people, rather than understanding others, he demands people immediately abide by his sub 100 IQ edicts.

The following are quotes from a speech recently given by Justin Turdeau.
Those people are putting us all at risk.”
A leader is supposed to unite, discover how to bridge the gaps between citizens who disagree. Turdeau is doing just the opposite here, and as you will see, it’s not an isolated one off.

“Condemn those people.”
For what exactly? For not wishing to go along with your authoritarian measures? For having doubts about a vaccine where it’s proven that you can still catch Covid after having taken it, after the promise that is was two weeks to slow the spread … going on a year and a half? The science that told us masks didn’t work, then you must wear them?
This pure vitriol from an elected leader.

“My choice to keep my kids safe.”
The science and statistics show that children are nearly bullet proof to Covid. Raising of child endangerment is just a ploy to trigger fears in the followers, or he is just a dumb ass, which there is ample evidence of.

Turdeau is your typical authoritarian who wants acquiescence. Rather than uniting people, rather than understanding others, he demands people immediately abide by his sub 100 IQ edicts.
There is no discussion here of alternative viewpoints. In Nova Scotia, Canada, they passed a law, banning more than 5 people meeting to “prevent the spread of misinformation.” Naturally, we all know who controls said information. (It was struck down by a court of law as being to vague, but judge the intent.)
It’s impossible to move in and out of Canada. My wife is Canuck, and we have all but ruled out returning to her home country until there is some semblance of sanity there. And who would want to go there as they erode civil liberties and try to employ greater number of totalitarian edicts.
Turdeau is not someone deserving of hjs office.
This substitute drama teacher is trading on his good looks and father’s name, and for the Canadians who fail to see him as divisive, as demonstrated here, he clearly is not up to the task, and leading Canada down the authoritarian rabbit hole. The good natured people of Canada are going to wake up to an authoritarian state, gripped ever tightly by those iron fist which wishes to control their every move.



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